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The non-canon novels suggests that Voyager became the flagship of the Project Full Circle task force sent to explore the Delta Quadrant using the new QSDs'.

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I imagine that the ship itself would not be put back into service. It would probably be examined bow to stern. All the way down to metallurgical analysis to see what it was exposed to in the delta quadrant and how the materials used to the construct the ship held up. All the hacks and tricks they pulled would be fully investigated to see the effects on the ships systems, to see what they could learn for new technology, etc etc. The study would probably take a few years and by then they would probably mothball it and then make it a museum.
This reminds me of something I read on Memory Alpha.

An early storyboard draft of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country would have featured the HMS Bounty BoP Kirk and co. used in the previous installment being disassembled by the SCE, ostensibly to better understand Klingon tech.

I'd imagine that Voyager would have been through something similar upon her return, although if the novels were anything to go by the forensic process would by them be less destructive compared to today's standards, thus allowing a refit Voyager to serve for a few more decades before being retired.

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