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02-19-2013, 10:02 PM
I know what the Gal-x is for, but even with a tac char, designed specifically for the dread, with half a dozen buffs and the "just de-cloaked" buff at around 6km range, I've never gotten more than 10k damage from it (even with full power to weapons and emergency power to weapons etc.). Also, the turn rate does need improving, it's all very well and good saying that it's a team sniper but I play solo pve most of the time (don't b**ch, it's my prerogative and it should be capable of it) and if a ship is designed specifically for team play then people who prefer to play the way I do are basically not allowed it. Add that to the fact that the lance doesn't do several of the things that it claims to do (i.e. piercing several targets at once, at least it never has for me) and what you end up with is, well, a STRICTLY (nazi salute) pvp ship that no one else can use, that's kind of a d**k move if you ask me.