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02-20-2013, 01:01 AM
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^ very good post. it might conflict with the thread tittle though.

if you end up dealing the majority of your damage in bursts wile you have someone's movement controlled, then anything but acc is what you want. but if your running and gunning, dog fighting and chasing, acc just works best.
That means having all types of weapons in inventory * in all mod combinations.That is too expensive mk XII with 3 mods.

If you can afford accx3 and dont want to change weapons all the time and if you dont have accurate trait ,accx3 is good.Yes you can loose some dps (less crtH/crtD) in team pvp but you will spare that "change weapons...lets see what mod combo I need now" .All the new romulan boffs and crtH /crtD consoles from s7 will help.

*talking about escorts...I never seen cruisers dogfighting