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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
The Galaxy and Galaxy-X switching abilities, consoles and layout? That's so stupid it has to work!
Not more stupid than every other Mirror ship in the game IMO.

I never got why this is an issue in the first place.
I mean no one complains about the Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel look like the DSSV or vice versa, why is this a problem with the Galaxy -X?
It's not that it would be a especially good looking or exceptional strong ship. I don't get why it shouldn't be possible to be able to use it's counterparts appearance, just like any other Mirror ship too.

But of course it's possible to make a problem out of it, just like with anything else.

Since the Galaxy -X will get saucer seperation in the future, i thought it would be a welcome opportunity to unlock normal Galaxy class ship parts for that ship, especially Galaxy Class necks without that stupid looking third nacelle.
(i just hate it, strangely EVERY cruiser in STO has some issue that makes it look either ugly or just plain stupid.)
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