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02-20-2013, 01:40 AM
Must haves for Engi and Sci (since you were spot on with the tac consoles):

Engi: Neutronium, Monotanium. You really don't need anything other than those two (other consoles are either not effective enough, like SIF generators, or too specialized, like diburnium, electroceramic, etc). You can put an RCS depending on the ship, but there are only 3 ships I run it on over all my accounts, them being the Chel'Gret, Tor'kaht, and Imperial (will probably put one on my Kumari when I get it).

This one gets complicated. On most ships, I tend to put the Zero-point and Universal Assimilated Module in my science slots, since I tend to slot armor in my engi slots, but on ships that don't need it (or have more room and don't have any/don't use unique consoles), I will usually run emitter arrays (stronger shield heals are VERY nice), or in the case of cruisers and cruisers ONLY will I run a field generator. I don't run Field Generators on science ships, reasons below, and I don't run them on escorts because the added capacity usually isn't high enough since it scales off of base. Instead, I just have stronger shield heals to compensate (TSS2 with two mk XI blue emitter arrays is quite amazing, as is EPtS1).

Also in very rare instances I will slot other science consoles, but usually ONLY on science ships, like on my FRSV, since it's a dedicated polaron + energy siphon build, I instead run 4 flow capacitors. Makes my Tykens, ES, and polaron procs hit HARD (I think I once got a target to -65 energy across all subsystems, it was hilarious). However on my dedicated Gravity Well builds I will run Particle Generators.
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