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02-20-2013, 02:19 AM
Originally Posted by fbreprime View Post
I already bought the Odyssey pack thinking they would be the end all of ships since they're the flag ship and all. Fast forward about 8 months and I have one in spacedock serving as a nice storage container. The Andorian setup doesn't really do anything for me to convince me to get out of my Mobius, but it got me thinking about my space whale and how I had to use three slots on for the consoles to get the "full effect". The Andorian and Vesta ships are doing that as well. So even though they are 10 slot ships, if you want the bonus for dropping $50 on the set, you're really down to 7. Then you take away the Tac slots because you're going to use those soley for the energy consoles, so that leaves you with 3 or 4 Sci and Eng slots to work with depending on the ship. Ships like the time ships and now the Jem'Hadar ships are starting to get into similar situations if you gather all the parts for the sets.

My question is what do you folks feel like are "Must Haves" for consoles, be it Eng, Sci, or Universal.

Some that came to mind for me:

Science - Field Generator
Universal - Assimilated Module
Universal - Tachyokinetic Converter
Universal - Transwarp Computer
Universal - Zero-Point Energy Conduit

Please, if I'm crazy on any of these, let me know. I have a feeling someone may tell me that the Transwarp is a waste in a non-Execelsior, but the +20 Warp Core sure sounds nices.

I'm foing to be running the Assimilated Module, Tachyokinetic Converter and the Zero-Point Energy Conduit on my Assault Cruiser purely for the bonus critical chance and severity that they offer.

I have the Transwarp Computer but I dont use it on any of my normal ships (its currently sitting on my Tuffli freighter, to help reduce cooldowns for transward), but because the bonus is to the Warp Core Efficiency skill it only helps ship power that is under 75, so I dont find it that useful.

The Field Generator is great (though my Assault Cruiser is going to lose it for the Zero Point console).

I tend to drop my Universal console in my science slots and the overflow into the engineering slots if need be.