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Sorry for bumping this kind of old thread, but I have purchased the Assault Refit, and I am trying to come up with a decent build for it. I'm pretty new so don't have much in the way of crazy doffs or gear, but my general goal is to be as heavy hitting as possible.
From what I have seen, your build is neither particularly heavy-hitting, and not particularly resilient by cruiser standards. The latter respect is particularly important because your survivability also dictates how well you can dish out damage: cruisers are meant to stay in a fight and slug it out.

The nice thing about the Assault Cruiser Refit is that it's one of the better offensive cruisers out there, but the thing is that it's kind of tricky to put together. It took me about three different equipment load-outs, countless boff ability swaps and two respecs before settling on a workable offensive/tanking build.

Currently I am running a 7 Tetryon beam array, Wide Angel torp in the fore
If you're going pure energy weapons in terms of skills, ditch the wide-angle. If not, keep it and pair it off with another projectile weapon located aft. Hargh'Peng and Breen Transphasic Cluster seem to be popular choices here, although pretty much anything could work.

Consider getting a Borg Cutting Beam and an Assimilated Module. Whether you want to get the Omega Plasma Torpedo or not is up to you, since that will depend on whether or not you spec into torpedoes. The three-item set proc could be nice, but I personally feel that it is too unreliable. As I have yet to reach Tier IV reputation, I cannot comment on the effectiveness of the torpedo launcher.

with my boffs being

Lieutenant Uni: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Nothing wrong here. Personal experience tells me that the AC needs a sci officer on hand with those oh-so-useful support heals. However, I keep getting this nagging feeling that I should at least try filling it with an Engineer or Tactical boff...

Lt. Cmnd Tac: Tac Team 1, Fire at Will 2, Attack Pattern Omega 1

Ensign Tac: High Yield Torpedo
Tac Team is always useful, especially on a cruiser.

Fire at Will is pretty much required for any cruiser with beam arrays, and I would recommend at least level 2-3 as you have here. Level 1 may be manageable as a back-up, though.

Attack Pattern Omega is of questionable use, partly because it isn't particularly well-suited for cruisers and also because it is a terrible waste of your only Tactical Lt Commander slot. On a cruiser, Emergency Power abilities are generally more useful for boosts, especially where firing energy weapons are concerned. A better use of your Tactical Lt Commander slot would be Fire at Will 3, Torpedo Spread 3, High Yield Torpedo 3, or Attack Pattern Beta 2.

High Yield isn't a bad idea, but I'd recommend at least level 2. Torpedo Spread might be a better choice, although I'd recommend either another Tactical Team or Beam Overload if you are going beam-heavy.

Com Engi: Emergency to Shields 1, Directed Energy Mod 1, Emergency to Weapons 3, Auxilary to Structural 3

Lt. Engi: Emergency to Shields 1, Emergency to Weapons 2
Your Engineering layout is atrocious. What you've got here wouldn't stand a stiff breeze.

As an Engineer, you should always consider having AT LEAST one Engineering Team handy. The instant hull heal is good for emergencies and the ability to clear disabled subsystems can be a life-saver in a tight spot.

Directed Energy Modulation 1 is junk: you should always go for at least 2 or 3. Also, while DEM is usable with beams (especially in combination with Fire at Will), it is generally better with cannons.

All your Emergency Power abilities are badly laid out. You're not going to keep up your shields with just two level 1 abilities and Transfer Sheild Strength 2 alone. Likewise, you're not going to be able to cycle between your level 2 and 3 weapons when under fire.

Auxiliary to Structural 3 is alright, but you may also consider sacrificing it in favour of Directed Energy Modulation 3 or Eject Warp Plasma 3, depending on your build.

This is probably the most badly-planned (and essential) section of your build, so I will take the liberty of suggesting the following layout, to fit in with what you've already got.

Commander Eng

Engineering Team 1
Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Emergency Power to Weapons 3
Auxiliary to Structural 3

Lt Eng

Emergency Power to Shields 1
Emergency Power to Shields 2

Cycle Emergency Power to Shields abilities when in an intense fire fight.

Apply Engineering Team 1 when hull running low or when a subsystem has been disabled.

Constantly apply Auxiliary to Structural 3 whenever your hull receives damage.

Reverse Shield Polarity as a last resort, should your shields fall on two or more sides.

Mind you, I will admit that this was made up off the top of my head, and is not perfect. I get the feeling that one or two abilities aren't in the right place, and that the whole thing lacks solid shield-restoring capability.

Is there anything I can do to improve what I have going on? Ala changing from Beam Arrays to Banks or Cannons? Or changing around my Boff slots? Or even changing energy types? Basically whatever I can to preserve the feeling of being a really awesome battleship, escorts just felt weird to play; either seeming like a fighter or just sitting still.
Keep arrays.

Change your boff abilities.

Do not neglect your survivability.

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