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Okay, so I have read the first page of this thread and I have skimmed the rest of the posts, and I figured I would throw in what I have to the tac wolves of STO and see what you have to say lol.

I am currently running the Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier as a Tac Captain, I know I am missing a few things to make it complete, but it works for what I use it for atm.

The build I am currently running is more for shield busting than hull killing.


x3 Mk XI Tetryon DHC's
x1 Mk XI Quantum Torp
(The DHC are very rare, and the torp is rare only because I couldn't afford a full MK XII very rare setup)


x3 Mk XI Tetryon Turrets (Again they are Mk XI very rare only because I couldn't afford the Mk XII very rares)

Mk XII Positron Deflector (very rare)
Mk XI Jem Engines
Mk XI Jem Shields
(In the process of replacing the Jem Parts. They were free and got me by)

(Laugh if you want..)
Scorpion fighter and antiproton turrets in devices. I know..worthless...I just haven't changed them yet..

x3 Mk XI rare Neutronium alloy (couldn't afford better ones)
x2 Mk XI rare Shield Emitters (trying to replace with field gens)
x1 Mk XI very rare Tetryon Pulse gen x2 Mk X rare Tetryon Pluse gen (again I can't afford the good ****) and the 360 torp PDFS that comes on the Armitage as well as the fighters that come with it.

BOFF setup is:

Cmd Tac - Torp HY 1, Torp Spread 2 , CRF 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Lt Tac - Tac Team 1, CSV 1
Ens Tac - Tac Team 1
Lt Cmd Engi - Emergency Power to Shields 1, Engi Team 2, Directed Energy Mod 2 (Borg BOFF)
Lt Sci - Sci team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

DOFF setup is:

x3 rare Brace for impact officers
x2 very rare flight deck officers (a total of +20% defense while in recall mode)

Power levels from left to right:

And there you have it, my "messed up build" as some might call it. I am in the slow process of getting Mk XII stuff when I can, I am also in the process of working towards my MACO set. I ran a few elite cures and parsed the combat logs while doing so and with this current build I am averaging 4500 dps, this for me is also heavily dependent on timing with Tac fleet and Go Down Fighting. And there is a method to the madness of having that much power in AUX. The closer to 75 you have in aux the more it counteracts the power drain to weapons. I also need to redo my skill points because I have points in places I don't need.

Though I will not disagree that the AP, Dis, and Plasma weapons are awesome, I use Tetryon to break the shields for everyone else, and faster than everyone else so the real damage can begin.

Feel free to comment what you want, all I ask is don't be an insensitive man child about the ordeal.