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02-20-2013, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
no with aux2bat build you have so much engine power its easy enough to keep 180 degree firing arc weapons on target with any of those ships.
that is true for PVP, on the other hand it is of no concern when playing PVE content.

as i see it, aux2batt build is the way to go for the excelsior and ACR, the only difference is that the ACR can support a torpedo power (spread or high yield) for it's 180 degree torpedo. The excelsior instead can support an engineering team 1 which is usefull.

so, for PVE the ACR would be my choice (either beams or cannons)...for PVP the excelsior (with beams)
But i'm not sure if a cruiser is viable for team PVP for the DD slot, better have a heal cruiser at which the oddy is probably among the best choices.

personally i use a tac oddy with an engi captain for PVE exclusively, for me it represents a perfect combination of tankiness and DD, while the saucer separation gives very high manuverability.
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