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02-20-2013, 03:44 AM
Originally Posted by eraserfish View Post
Your Engineering layout is atrocious. What you've got here wouldn't stand a stiff breeze.

As an Engineer, you should always consider having AT LEAST one Engineering Team handy. The instant hull heal is good for emergencies and the ability to clear disabled subsystems can be a life-saver in a tight spot.

Auxiliary to Structural 3 is alright, but you may also consider sacrificing it in favour of Directed Energy Modulation 3 or Eject Warp Plasma 3, depending on your build.
What are you smoking? Aux2SIF3 is hands down the best hull healing skill in the game. It leaves all forms of ET writhing in the dust. Huge heal and tiny cooldown, and doesn't interfere with anything on a non-Aux2Bat build. ET also interferes with TT, which is way more important. Engi debuffs are the least dangerous in the game, Viral Matrix is rarely used in PvP, and only Tholians and Warbirds use it to any reasonable effect in PvE. DEM is junk in whatever form you use. And replacing Aux2SIF3 (a premium ability by the way) with EWP3? Oh please!