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i am not gonna be gentle about it

but i have seen on this thread quite a few people smearing players using tricos , not to mention the dev's opening lines bout it , and i just have to reply to that

trico spread on pve and foundry - using dispersal pattern iii means usually sacrificing the classic torpedo + scatter fire tactic to get it , it will help greatly on pve since things move slower over there but its hell to implement it on PVP

much like scatter fire rules on pve but on pvp it does 50% of the dmg if not less
based on that logic u should nerf scatter fire as well ...not to mention torpedo spread .or anything with an aoe dmg that does loads more dmg on pve then pvp

as for PVP + trico spread in itself : it is very hard going vs experienced player to use a spread trico that would actually hit him because of the following :

1.he can shoot them down very easily using turret / beam fire at will / other mines ..etc...basically mines have no hull so 1 hit would kill them regardless of it dmg .

2.he can outrun them easily

3.brace for them

biggest problem is of course number 2 ..u have to spek further then just mines to actually hit ur enemy ...beam target engine , tractor beam ..its an entire different build

so if ur an opportunist on pvp and bide ur time for that one spike u could score big time

trico spread is the tool of the smart pvper's ....gave also the cruisers something to fight off escorts that come off behind them and hammer them with alpha strike to death , made them think twice b4 positioning on their tail and just fire

which btw i suspect most of the cryers bout tricos are - escort flyers that is - cause it was one hell of a wep vs pesky escorts .

so now u pretty much ruined it , with out even checking it on ur own or the full honest reasons why people cry about it .

its like u have a crying meter and when people gang up on enough cries be it true or not u simply nerf the thing.

so now we are back to escorts mindlessly shooting everything they got with no hint of smarts behind it while simple cruisers - enterprise class like ones are again left defensless vs them ganging up on u .
good call .