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02-20-2013, 04:31 AM
True, I keep ET1 around only because the FExcelsior's Ensign Engi has nothing better to go into it. However I run Aux2SIF3 with minimum power to aux, and recieve no problems. Besides, your shield heal should be of a greater priority. A cycle of the following, in addition to the correct rep passives, will see your shield facings stay up almost constantly during eSTFs (just watch out for those insta torps and plasma stacking):

EptS1 x2 (x1 with DCE), RSP2, RSF, TSS, TT1 x2 (x1 with Conn doff)

Considering such, below is my recommended engi setup for a Fleet AC. To adapt for a Fleet Exc, just add an ET1, and make sure you keep a TT1 (you should really get a Conn Officer for either build though).

EptS1, EptW2, RSP2, Aux2SIF3
EptS1, EptW2

With 3 blue or purple DCEs, you can remove 1 EptS and 1 EptW, which opens another option:

EptS1, RSP1, ????, Aux2SIF3
EptW1, RSP1

The other engi skills are just shiny garbage (except Aux2Batt, but that requires an entirely different setup).

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