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02-20-2013, 05:57 AM
I do like the KDF how it is right now, and like most of people i would like to see more content. I realy dont care about feds getting new ship unless it would make the pvp broken or one-sided which is not the case here , just by looking to the ship stat , like his predecessors he wont survive a free tier 4 BOP alpha strike.

I prefer have the devs fixing the large amout of bugs like the raptor's pivot , maybe releasing a fleet Goumba and fleet Kar'fi than giving us a new ship just because the feds got one.I will keep enjoying playing my kdf chars, and to be fair Cryptic tried to satisfy evryone by releasing crossfaction ships and even free ships . You should see this situation like Dimocraty : The majority gets what they wants while the minority gets what they need , and Cryptic are doing this well so far . No sane organisation will want to please 20% of its customers over the 80% others .

sorry if i made mistakes while writing my english is just not good