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Specifically, the Unique Ship Rewards that some of us have acquired over time. The Galor, the D'Kora, the Wells (etc).

What I'd like to propose / request is a one-time, account-wide unique token (per ship) that allows a player owning that ship to 'rebox' it (so that they may trade that ship to another character, or, if they've tired of it, allowing them to sell it on the exchange).

The reason I say make it a one-time thing is this will require players to actually think about what ships they choose to use on which characters. You (Cryptic) don't want us to be able to do all this for free? Fine, slap a 150zen price per token (alternatively, if you didn't wish to make these a one-time thing, you can always double the zen price each time); 150 - 300 - 450 - 600 (etc).

You could have a new tab on the zen store that simply reads 'rebox', and within that tab have a token for each of your unique ships (Lobi ships to be included).

just an idea for some variation; it'll please players that have since started another toon and would rather ship x be on a different character, it would gain more revenue for you (people would actually purchase these tokens), and it would be a step in the right direction as far as lock box / lobi store items go.