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02-20-2013, 05:30 AM
If you want to give the Assault Cruiser Refit a better turn rate and more speed; there is a viable alternative... chaining Auxiliary to Dampeners.

In one build I used (note: this was a Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit)

Lt Eng - Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Dampeners I
Cmd Eng - Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxiliary to Dampeners I, Directed Energy Modulation II, Directed Energy Modulation III

Lt Sci - Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II

Ens Tac - Fire at Will I
LtC Tac - Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Beta I, Attack Pattern Beta II

Eng Consoles: VR Neutronium Mk XII, Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Tachyokinetic Converter
Sci Consoles: 2 VR Field Generators Mk XII
Tac Consoles: 4 VR Disruptor Induction Coils Mk XII

Weapons Fore: 3x Spiral Wave Disruptors, 1 Kinetic Cutting Beam
Weapons Aft: 4x Spiral Wave Disruptors

Deflector, Engines, Shields - Mk XII Borg Set

Doffs: 2 Conn-Tactical Team Variants, 3 Damage Control Officers

With this build my average DPS at Starbase 234 was 4,928.13 and in ISE it was 6,593.69

Without Chaining Auxiliary to Dampeners - Speed: 21.89, Turn Rate: 11.8
Chaining Auxiliary to Dampeners - Speed: 31.09, Turn Rate: 17.6

I used the Kinetic Cutting Beam instead of the Wide Angle Quantum because the final average DPS was higher... and I killed things quicker with it.

With the right pilot, and some slight modifications to the BOff powers and swapping out some DOffs, it would be an easy transition to cannons and turrets.