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02-20-2013, 06:43 AM
Just did Hide and Seek a day or two ago with no issues, although I was higher level (7 I think) than the OP (the NPCs scale to level anyway, don't they?)

There are 3 BoPs guarding one of the crystals. You should not be trying to grab the crystal until you deal with them. Focus on one BoP; keep moving (increases your defense). When you damage the BoP sufficiently, it may cloak; if it does, start working on another BoP but watch for the cloaked ship to reappear and finish it off as soon as it does. Once you've taken out one enemy, you will be taking considerably less damage.

If you do get in trouble, as a last resort you can use Evasive Manuevers to run away and reset the fight.

Make sure you have your power levels set to Weapons: 100, Shields: 50, Engine/Aux: 25.