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# 1 The New Andorian Escorts...
02-20-2013, 05:44 AM
Maybe it is just me...but to me these new Fed escorts look somewhat like modified KDF vessels -- almost a cross between a Raptor and a BoP.

I have not seen the Enterprise episode that has these I can only assume that they are accurate depictions of Andorian vessels...which is my way of saying that the ship design team likely did not have a lot of leeway in designing exactly how these vessels are supposed to look... be honest...these do not look remotely like "Starfleet."

Ah well. Now the Feds can fly something that looks -- almost -- like a KDF vessel. Put a cloak on those puppies...and then they can REALLY be faux Klingons!

Hmm...I wonder if that might be a secret, hidden desire of the Fed playerbase...a taboo thought that haunts thier waking moments, and stalks their the Riker episode where he actually captained a Klingon warship for a short period of time...