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02-20-2013, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by vitzh View Post
I do not see any similarity between the Andorian Escorts and Klingon Raptors

This is a Klingon Raptor piloted by a KDF player.

This is an Andorian Escort piloted by a Fed player.

It's hard to spot the similarity.

This is hilarious. Thank you! I appreciated this humor.

To other replies -- all true I guess. I just sort of figured that if you are Federation, you will want to play a vessel that..well...LOOKS like a federation vessel. You know...the Saucer design with the warp nacelles....

As far as Andorian designs influencing Klingon ship designs...I would have to research that. If I recall correctly, the Klingon BoP design pre-dates Archer's Enterprise by quite a bit...didn't Archer steal tech from the Klingons in one episode? The Photon Torp? I seem to recall a Klingon vessel in distress...and Archer exploited the situation to obtain a new weapon for the nascent Federation...but that is probably just a biased version of what really memory is a bit hazy...and I did not catch all of the Enterprise episodes....