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Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
I love how he totally thinks that this ridiculous thing is going to get made and put on the B'rel.
I can only suggest. I know they wont put it in. Its a KDF ship. If it was a federation ship it'd be done in a week.

The B'rel on the other hand is defined by its enhanced battle cloak, and to say that special power is worth just an extra module is like how the fleet tactical retrofit's cloak is worth an extra modu- wait no it isn't, you can only get that from the C-store.
The defiant fleet version does not cloak.... but it CAN equip the cloaking console from the cstore defiant.

If the b'rel enhanced cloak was a console this wouldn't be a problem. But it isnt because all birds of prey have their cloaks built in. Making enchanced cloak a console would make the b'rel rather weak as well. The only thing that can be done that will keep the b'rel cstore worthy of buying is to have some console that will work with the enhanced cloak. Again, a no-torpedo-global-timer during ambush effect is ideal for this.

Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
That's kind of like saying the Oddy must always use its consoles. The EBC is an option, the B'rel can operate as a standard BoP while using it as a normal cloak as well, and since it has the best turn rate in game it makes a great gunfighter style ship to combat people who load up on RCS consoles aboard their Escorts (that is a signature of a few PvP fleets).
using guns removes the enhanced cloak. thats all you need to consider. If you wanted to get a gun bop youd get the hohsus or fleet ningtao (or is it the fleet norgh? I forget... the one with multiple lt cmdr slots).

Then don't put torpedoes on it! Use it as a tanky Eng-Scort and the B'rel becomes a more nimble version of the Heng'ta.
with less hull and shields...unless you get fleet brel (which is the whole screwed pooch point here). Makes no sense. Sure, you could, but why? Just because you have no other option but to use it like that is not a reason for saying 'look! buy this ship and its good for guns and tanking!' . Its like buying a civic to do the job of a pickup truck.

Where is this discount coming from? The Fleet B'rel costs 5 FSM unless you own the C-Store ship which equals the C-Store ship plus 1 FSM.
cstore brel owners: 2k zen (i think this ship used to cost 2500) + 500 for 1 module.
Non-cstore owners: 2k zen for the whole ship. Receive full benefit plus better ship for not owning cstore version.

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