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02-20-2013, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
By Kahless third moQ, no.

They need to actually create a war based story content for the KDF at the lower levels so the war makes sense in perspective to STOs backstory before they bring peace at the endgame.
The KDF and fed players nneed to know why they fought each other on the way up before they realize that the greater foe ecists at endgame and do the right thing to battle it.
okay, first off, i have to ask...what is a moQ?

secondly, most everyone already knows why the KDF is fighting the federation, which i mentioned in my previous post, though i may not have gotten every reason, and the federation is fighting because they see everything the empire is doing as war-mongering...which it kind of is, but that's what makes them klingon!

last, any peace with the federation better be on the empire's terms, not starfleet's/cryptic's/whoever elses's and also better not come too quickly, because if it does, my nausicaan is going to be seriously pissed, as he has a major grudge against the federation