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02-20-2013, 08:31 AM

I agree with you -- let me state that up front. The Andorian Escorts are -- to some degree -- a paper tiger. Overall, I think that the Jem'Hedar Attack Ship (the "Bug" ship) still has the edge..and to some degree, the BoP may have an advantage given the cloaked alpha strike. I came to this conclusion based on two factors:

1. The bridge officer layout. For the Andorian tac version, there are only three slots available for survivability skills. For the Engineer and Sci versions of the escorts, there are five potential survivability slots. None of the non-tac slots are above Lieutenant level.

2. Consoles -- in order to gain the special set bonuses, a pilot will have to sacrifice three console slots -- that only leaves seven for the include the tac slots to boost damage. This will limit things like shield strength and turn radius, amongst others.

On the other is wise to be cautious. There are a few tidbits that I think could be dangerous in the right the fact that the three-set bonus -- "Wing Cannon Synergy" -- allows the deployed cannon platforms to benefit from specific player skill sets, such as cannon rapid fire, scatter volley, etc. That is something even carrier pilots cannot do with thier fighter wings, and it represents a potentially significant increase in burst damage capability. Also consider that the Wing Cannon Console essentially adds two more forward-firing weapons to this ship, increasing the number of forward-firing weapons to seven. I sort of doubt that the wing cannon platforms do as much damage as normal weapons...but together they may be able to add enough dps to make a difference.

The key to piloting this craft will be to kill anything you face as quickly as possible, because although it can dish out certainly can't take any...if it does not kill on the first strike, then it is probably dead.

Luckily, it has no cloak.