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02-20-2013, 07:32 AM
elves in tights banging each other over the head with sticks?

i dunno, kinda tired of the classic mmo pvp. space is where its at.

imo the best thing they could do for neverwinter (and all mmos) for that matter, is get rid of arena minigame pvp. it ruins the sandbox open world pvp, the random pvp that suddenly starts while you are killing grubs or picking flowers for mrs. pennypicker.

I have said it time and time again. SWG (star wars galaxies, for the younglings) did pvp perfectly. 6-7 different planets all open sandboxes. you have to flag yourself for pvp so there is no ganking. each planet had bases you needed to control to control that planet.

getting outnumbered on Dantooine? group up and fly to Naboo, start some base takeovers there and watch the opposition scurry over to defend. (ahh the joys of surrounding the spaceport load in and aoeing the incoming defenders, memories) just a brilliant system that devs everywhere should be emulating.

not to mention actual bounties for bountyhunters. dont like that op jedi gloating about how much time and effort he put in to be leet? put his name and some cash on the bounty terminals and watch him log off in his house for a few days.

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