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Originally Posted by shadowfang240 View Post
okay, first off, i have to ask...what is a moQ?

secondly, most everyone already knows why the KDF is fighting the federation, which i mentioned in my previous post, though i may not have gotten every reason, and the federation is fighting because they see everything the empire is doing as war-mongering...which it kind of is, but that's what makes them klingon!

last, any peace with the federation better be on the empire's terms, not starfleet's/cryptic's/whoever elses's and also better not come too quickly, because if it does, my nausicaan is going to be seriously pissed, as he has a major grudge against the federation
MoQ = sphere or ball

Everyone may know the why as to the conflict but not because the game has told is the story.
Thats what I would love to see changed. Especially on the KDF side which has next nothing telling the player why we fight the feds and why we later at endgame fight beside them.

We are basically a quarter supported faction in a game where we are the primary supportive character. That needs to change. And not becuase of fed insistance for a peace they did not earn.
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