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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
ugh. Heres an idea pal. Just beg the devs to get rid of the Ensign Engineer on the Galaxy Retro and make it a Universal. they should do the same with the Intrepid and Defiant. Universal Ensigns to kill the unuselessness of them.
Thats a nice idea too, but the problem is they wont do it.
There are threads about this for years now and the devs don't feel to respond to them, even once in three years.

The last thing i heard concerning a Galaxy Class -ish ship is that the Galaxy -X will be getting saucer seperation in the first half of this year. As i already said, i think it will be the LAST opportunity before the devs will completely ignore anything even remotely related to the Galaxy Class.
Maybe some dev (cough) is friendly enough to explain me why this issue is considered a problem anyway.

They already added the Mirror Star Cruiser/Assault Cruiser, the Mirror RSV/DSSV and the Mirror Patrol Escort and Advanced Escort. No one considers the existence of those ships to be a problem, why should it be a problem to make a mirror version of the Galaxy -R and -X, they could even release it as a add on for everyone who bought BOTH ships in the C-Store.
Heck i would even pay 1000 ZEN and more to be able to use Galaxy -R ship parts on my Galaxy -X!

I'm not so sure right now if i had better created this thread in the "C-Store and Promotions" section.

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