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02-20-2013, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by dashuk2381 View Post
<snip>How can it take them this long to fix such a HUGE problem with this game. Continues much longer and I'm going back to F2P, this is ridiculous to have such a broken game and paying money for it every month.
I don't believe they are trying to fix it yet. My guess is that they won't do anything until tomorrows maintenance regardless of how upset, or even angry, they are making their players. I can't believe that, if they really wanted to, they haven't been able to fix it in almost a week. Perhaps players who haven't received the free shuttle for The Vault mission are paying 500 zen ($5 US) for a c-store shuttle in the hopes that it'll be a workaround for them. The Delta Flyer at 500 zen is better than the Danube at 34k ec because it has an extra BOff slot so if you're going to purchase one I guess the one that costs money is the way to go. My opinion is that they won't kill that particular golden goose until they have to. After tomorrow they won't have any excuse and if the bug continues after the maintenance I believe a lot of players will jump ship. You can only sail so far on a ship with an inept crew before mutiny ensues.
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