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02-20-2013, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by patarmarkan View Post
I lately read some really upset posts in the forums concerning the changes since season 7,
especially since the valentine's patch.

I'm curious, if these posts reflect the thoughts of the many or just the annoyance of a few.

So I set up a poll on my website.

Here is the question:
Do you think the devs of STO should change their course of action?

You can choose only one answer per person.
I hope I don't violate any rules with that.

Here is the link:
I do not like polls. They do not accurately reflect my opinions, and due to their very nature of being in a 'multiple guess' format, provide contrived results that give very limited insight into any given issue.

For example: Poll results that show 57% of people are unhappy mean little when the poll was a simple "are you happy? Yes or No" question.

They mean even less depending on the number of people who bothered to answer. Happy players might not even know about your poll as most happy players are too busy playing the game and are not here complaining. My experiences with MMORPG message boards is that people only come here when they have something to complain about, and not very often when they are happy and content.

Your sample group is therefore going to be flawed in that it will certainly have a disproportionate number of unhappy players drawn to it.

You will need to take those factors into account when analyzing your results.