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02-20-2013, 08:23 AM
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read above post on "flagging"
Problem is every Dev wants to be Bliz... they want to have a Wow killer... so they create there game to appeal to wives and girlfriends (no offense... to the gaming girls including my wife)... but seriously they create there games to appeal to people that can't name the brand of there CPU... or the model number on there video card... and have to be walked through a driver update to install the game properly.

Those types of people don't understand the flagging stuff... they will either screw it up... or decide to try PvP and get annoyed. It makes the thought for most devs of adding open world pvp that most of US hard core gamer's love... an issue. (at least I think that's how most of the money sees it) Not to mention that they Believe those segments of the market greatly out number ours... and there likely right.

Games like EVE and yes even SWG had/have a very small base in comparison... are we loyal customers YES... are we plentiful... not really. Games like that don't attract the big publish bucks what can ya do... we are fans of the "art film" version of the MMO industry... and they all wanna make Summer blockbusters.