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02-20-2013, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Things the KDF has that the Federation wants:
Aceton assimilators
Plasmonic leech

Things the Federation has that the KDF wants:
Developer attention
Escorts with 5 tac consoles
Quarterly Z-store ship offerings
Expanded costume options

The Ferengi would say: I think we can make a deal here.

As things stand now, I don't think Federation players fully grasp how insulting, dishonorable, and blatantly favoritist it is to give the Federation equipment for a pittance of EC while Klingon players have to buy entire ships with zen.
LOL. Are you saying that Fed. Players don't have to buy the ship that has the special consoles they want? That they can just buy the consoles? Cause last I checked, that Tachyon Detection Grid is still on that Nebula that costs 2K zen.
And that point defense system that the Klingons got in that last lockbox? Yeah. I still have to buy the ship in order to get it! So IDK what you're talking about.
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