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Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
It kinda reminds me of the Zero fighter from World War II. Fast, packs firepower but no armor for defense.
The Zero was actually quite slow, which is how the Hellcat was able to dominate it even with it's slowish speed (380mph versus the Zero's max 331 mph)

Originally Posted by dixa1 View Post
4 dhc's front is a massive power drain.
As someone who flies the bugship, 4 from DHC is not a massive power drain.

More to the topic, I play Federation, but I stand with me KDF brothers. KDF is now that red-headed step child that Cryptic would rather pretend doens't exsist.

You'd figure with the money they made off lockbox they could afford to devote some resources to finishing the KDF.

Unless new KDF missions and costumes will be lockboxes in the May update.
Most JJ Trek hate = IDIC fail.
Most who don't like the new Star Trek either didn't like TOS, don't remember TOS, or didn't see TOS

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