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02-20-2013, 09:37 AM
And I'm telling you no. You need to do more work on your parsing I guess. I don't know what to say there because....

I'm telling you the only way I can account for my numbers is by taking my crit severity at the stated values.

As I have values and equations derived from the game and that by taking them and applying them in a manner consistent with all the other things in the game they just so happen to match. And you don't. Well what would you suspect. That there's some magical ability that makes mine match? Or that the game is wrong and your parses are correct?

Or that you're missing something? Really be honest now.

And really even taking your crappy numbers as a sample. By the time you hit a crit rate of ten percent, your crit d would add the same amount of damage. See because if I add in that crappy 100 points to the PREVIOUS ten crits that I expect it nets a 1000 point gain. And gee wiz your putting us at 14% crit.

And thats why those mods aren't pointless. They're darn good.

We don't need the simple probability equation but thanks for sharing with those that may not have had one. All it means is sometimes we'll see crappy strings. Sometimes we'll see great strings. It still matters how much damage you do when you get around to doing damage. Can't avoid that.

"So bottom line Crth WILL out dmg the CrtD weaponry by simply landing MORE crits... they will be 10% weaker but they will happen 20-30% more frequently... "

No. That's not sound logic or math. Those figures don't even belong together. 6% crit rate will not net you 20 to 30 percent increase in crit rate. It will net you exactly 6%.

And you absolutely CANNOT make a relative determination of those values without a start point. Can't be done. Thats nonsense.

And I honestly don't know how you get your math. North of 60%? Really? Hello but the base crit severity in the game is 50%. Crit H on weapons ONLY comes in 2% chunks. ONLY. EVER. So you would say that moving from 42% crit rate from 40% crit rate as opposed to gaining 10% crit severity is sensical? So lets say....hmm...lets say crit damage is any number. Any positve number. As a guess what would you say is the greater value 40x*.10 or 2x? Start at one and work your way up. Thats how you ACTUALLY make your comparison. Not any other way. play with that for a bit. May help. It may not. It's like your taking the HUGE chance to get one crit and saying oh wow look at this huge chance it's boss! But yah no.

Remember it wasn't to long ago that you were counting Crit H as adding the full value of a hit as opposed to the incremental value, so I'm hesistant to appreciate your grasp on this.

I see your specifically trying to push this to a small sample size once again, and I'm telling you no. Because I'm going to play for years. I'm going to shoot for years. And I'm going to shoot a lot.


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