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02-20-2013, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
To say the truth i dont think the vestas are worth my dime and therefore i have not purchased them. Look at the current serious premades. All i see are the temporal sci ships, not the vestas.

At the end of the day, all this attitude will do is make the FvK ques defunct which in turn will screw klinks even more. If that is what you want your going the right way.
Seriously, are you comparing the lastest OP Lotto/Lobi Sci ship w/the lasted OP Fed ship? Everyone should know by design Lotto/Lobi is supposed to be greater than Faction Zen ships. Should we discuss the abuses of these Timeships not only in a gameplay balance perspective, the the d-sync potential?

Here's the issue I have w/that thought process. Just b/c the Jem has been considered the most OP escort doesn't mean Feds don't have some escorts >>> KDF. Feds Sci >>> KDF Sci. This would be fine if they didn't insist on nerfing the Hit of the Hit and Run KDF faction playstyle.

Fleet Shields, Passive Repairs, buff to HP of hull and shields (even the recent one to KDF side) has continued to push the game into Fed only style of play. I know some don't like things blowing up quickly, but that's the point of Hit and Run. Granted it shouldn't be a large % success the 1st pass all things being equal (which doesn't happen vs good players), but at somepoint the dam needs to break and quickly. Enough Human Boffs and people will passively repair their hull in 30 seconds or less while in combat. Picking out Siphons at this point is a joke tbh.