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02-20-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
You know what.

It's the one of the few things left to the KDF in their arsenal, and I hardly ever see Energy Siphon builds, thanks to Feds turning it into a dirty rep. all the while running danube + phaser proc builds + ams, and yet still claiming the moral high ground.

Leave it be.

The feds have more than enough of their own G#dd#mn broken stuff.

No Offense to the OP, whose my mate - I am just feeling a bit sensitive lately around the KDF.
I think the first step to living up KDF is bridging the imbalance between ships (IE, no more cross-faction LOCKBOX TRASH,) and fixing the obviously exploitable drain mechanics.

It really doesn't take much effort, nor does the player lose anything by executing the tactics. That is the underlying issue, IMO. It's also the reason I rarely play any of my 10 KDF anymore. I don't find it fun killing targets with no power. (among other things.) My KDF are superior in development and play time to my feds but I have more fun playing fed simply because it's more of a challenge.

Anyway it's my belief that repairing the damage some have done with these cheap tactics and PWE's cross-faction ship crap will do wonders for improving KDF. Maybe the queues can liven up and the players that kick-ass will return to KDF. For now, most either left the game or play fed more. It's really a bad place for the faction, ATM & IMO.

To end, siphons aren't as bad as they used to be, but a coordinated team (doesn't even need to be a team!) can easily exploit them with various other drain mechanics and holds; therein lies the issue.
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