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I see your specifically trying to push this to a small sample size once again, and I'm telling you no. Because I'm going to play for years. I'm going to shoot for years. And I'm going to shoot a lot.

I do hope so. I won't argue the point any more with you we can agree to diagre on this one.. you use your CrtD single shot weapons... and I'll stick to the crth.

BTW I am talking about high rate for fire weapons only here DHC namely... and yes I run CRTHx3 and I have for a long time. My math is sound... anyone that has fought a Husanak escort knows the chances of another escort topping my in terms of DPS are pretty low... and mostly its because I choose CrtH instead of ACC for my cannons.

Your right long term large sample size... CrtD CrtH ACC they all start to look pretty much the same in terms of numbers... You been round enough to remember before Cryptic went and dmg boosted purples... and we used to fly around with white and green weapons just cause. lol
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