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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Whoa...just as I was hoping to get to know Lambert some more, this happens! He really must have been deeply disturbed to commit either of the acts seen there.
After the last few LCs, I felt that as a character, he just wasn't working, and that Mayer seemed to be more Amanda's 'go to guy', which pretty much undermined Lambert's position as first officer, so I decided it was time for him to book passage on the Barge of the Dead... Deeply disturbed... Hard to say, I think Klingons have a similar attitude towards suicide as the Samurai would have had, and that it was better to die by one's own hand, with ritual and calmness, than to live in disgrace (and one can't get more disgraced than to behave like he did...) By Human standards, yes. But by Klingon standards... Don't forget, Worf refused to make a life-saving donation to a wounded Romulan in vengeance, planned to undertake the hegh'bat when crippled, and was willing to undertake the mauk-to'vor when Kurn wanted to die...

I figure that this is something Lambert would always have wanted to do in any Borg encounter, but it would not have been until the upgrade of the bridge, which would have afforded him his own tactical station to actually be in a position to pull the trigger.