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02-20-2013, 11:06 AM
Maybe it's just me, but I find myself wondering if that Orion might have actually come around, if his life had been spared, to realize that through assimilation, and the marks he would've worn from it for the rest of his life, he would forever pay the penalty for what he had done to others when he had the free will to do so.
That's an interesting point of view and anything is possible. It would seem to me that is a more humane approach ... but not for Kathryn

I have decided that the Borg are the ultimate threat to the galaxy, Undine be darned (and I really Really REALLY hate going up against them in-game). I dreaded the Borg watching the shows and thought Voyager was about to "jump the shark" with them in the last seasons. And in my opinion, Seven of Nine was mostly there for eye-candy that coincidentally is a form of plot development ... but that is another discussion.

Anyways, I've considered many avenues (as I'm sure we all are/will), but the warp speed hit-and-run was the most fun to me
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