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02-20-2013, 12:07 PM
Marcus--Admittedly I could see the similarities between the ritual you described and seppuku. So yeah, I could see where you were going with that, but it was still a deeply unnerving piece to read. Which I am sure was your intention.

ETA: cmdrscarlet--Got to agree with you there on Seven...she was the reason I quit watching VOY. Not a slam against the actor; I actually liked Jeri Ryan in Boston Public. But really disgusted with the obvious pandering to a certain demographic to drive ratings.

I wonder, in your case, if Amanda's crew will be left with misgivings about their captain, after receiving and carrying out orders like that?

BTW, I found the template to do one of those DOFF sigs and finally felt up to doing it iin Photoshop. And when I found that Tolstoy quote, I just had to use it.

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