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Marcus - VERY nice. Short and to the point. I'm a fan of "sacrifice" and I think this was handled well

For my part, I realized I have finished two recent stories by the end of a phaser barrel, so I had to come up with something different. Also, this showcases some of my Bridge Officers in game.

This was a fun one!

Cast to be editted later ...
Thanks Equally, I really enjoyed your entry, and totally understand why Kathryn chose to do what she did After I'd written the piece, I had to go and meet my wife from work, and was replaying what I'd written in my head, asking myself why would Amanda have the drone beamed aboard? I certainly never wanted to have a Borg character, and was mulling over an edit, when I realized: To allow the drone to be recovered by the incoming cube, would have been sentencing the poor soul to suffer re-assimilation, so as a wounded friendly, it was indeed her duty to rescue them I've worked out a designation for them as well, kudos and bragging rights to the first person who can work out the series which the designation is a tip of the hat to: Eleven of Twelve