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Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
But that does raise a point, its not Cryptic's fault that the players are always looking for the next exploit. Even if one is there, doesn't mean the players should actually use it. You can steal something from a shop, because the shopkeeper has left it open on the window-side, doesn't mean you should...
Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
I sort-of agree but I don't. Yes, in an ideal world, people would just report exploits instead of using them to their advantage - in an ideal world, the developers would have enough foresight to ensure these exploits aren't possible.

But Cryptic knew that players were exploiting the IOR daily with 'clickies' so they removed it, tinkered with the system a bit and replaced it with a just-as-exploitable repeatable IOR mission.

That's not unfortunate, or unexpected - it's incompentent - and to paraphrase the saying, "a fool and his Fleet Marks are easily parted"
Unlike Weyland

I totally disagree

These are not exploits. They are fixes when people learn that the Foundry "exploit" was a natural result not of player greed or players being malicious but down to the simple fact that Cryptic got the balance wrong. This is Cryptics fault. To use your terrible analogy about stealing from a shop, what if the person is forced to do so because they are starving?

Yes exactly the system that Cryptic put in place gives pathetic amounts of FM's and you have to grind some of the crappiest content in the game to get your piddling FM stipend. The result was both natural and justifiable, people found a way to fix the imbalance between inputs and outputs that Cryptic created and were right to do so. We fixed their broken system.

You see in a legit MMO the systems would be Q&A, stress and balanced tested by both community QA & an actual employed and paid Q&A division. Not so here so we get systems and economies foistered on us that make the game poor and unbalanced.

It's got nothing to do with the players, the entire problem is down to Cryptic.

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