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02-20-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
You guys are wasting your breath, so to speak.

They won't do what you ask, they will only do what they believe will keep players in STO long enough for the next ship, for the next "Season" for the next big money maker. That's what they're about now.

You guys keep screaming for more ways to make fleet marks. Sure, they may do it. But it'll come at a price. Most likely, upping the amount of marks required for the projects so that the percentage of marks gained still balances out their long term projections of how long it takes to get to Tier 5.

So getting 15 marks in Fleet Alerts now, and increasing them to 30 (Just estimating, using a 2x modifier here), and suddenly the projects cost twice as much in fleet marks because "After reviewing the amount of fleet marks that are potentially available to the player base, we feel that the projects require an increase in the amount of marks that are needed to complete" or some other corporate blindsiding speak. Allows them to appease the player base, shut them up, while at the same time, not jeopardizing their projections and spreadsheets.
There is one thing I would like to say to you regarding this. To you and all of those who share your "conviction" that this is hopeless. It is a very short, very simple saying that many of you people on here may be familiar with.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If we sit and do nothing, we definitely get shafted. If we kick up a big enough stink, we might not get shafted. There is a chance that even if we do kick up the biggest stink we can, it might not be enough and nothing happens other than a "Yeah, sure whatever" response coming our way again.
But I certainly don't like being shafted especially when there is a chance that we might just be able to get something done about it, so I know which option I have picked!
We have the tools to at least make ourselves heard. We have large number of extremely intelligent and capable individuals who are all united in their displeasure with what has happened recently. I don't want to stand, but I feel I must. It is only fair on the wider community for us as a group to stand up and make damn well sure that we don't like how we have been treated.

What about you? Do you like how you have been treated? You are a member of this community after all.

If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But I'm almost certainly right on this one.
Forgive the ad-hominem, but how arrogant!
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ARC: A way to Redeem Codes

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