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02-20-2013, 11:23 AM
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Marcus--Admittedly I could see the similarities between the ritual you described and seppuku. So yeah, I could see where you were going with that, but it was still a deeply unnerving piece to read. Which I am sure was your intention.
My initial concept was to have the recovered drone be one of Amanda's former lovers who had been assimilated, but when told that they would not be able to be restored to their pre-assimilation status, they would have been found to have disabled their cortical node, but for some reason, I changed my mind and decided to use the opportunity for a crew shuffling, as I felt that Lambert just wasn't working... Equally, I hope it wasn't too disturbing to read, I thought better to have them discover him, rather than actually writing the event itself, which I felt would have been a step too far