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Originally Posted by thumpyecho View Post
Thissler, thank you for the answer.

In the spirit of him/her/it taking the time to write that paragraph, I suppose I should clarify my statement:

I fly an Escort, it had DHCs w/ some combination of modifiers -don't really remember - then after staring at the weapons for an hour I had an "Aha" moment, so I went out and bought DHCs w/Acc x2 & CritH - they just felt like they hit harder. The AccOverflow is what attracted me. Coupled with all the various consoles (TacConverter, Zero Point, etc...) it seemed to be true. I should note this is just looking trough the combat tab in game, not any other program.

I just switched to DHCs w/ Acc & CritH x2 recently(admittedly because this post had me curious), and yes I seem to hit a little harder than the above, but I didn't notice any huge difference in furballs. I had to actually look at the combat tab in game just to glean that information.

At least to me, there seem to be some mixing of topics going on and what I mean is that people are talking about PvP(most everyone who has said something), and some(maybe just me) are talking about everything else(PvE, Missions, etc.....).
As in, of course a human is going have all kinds of dirty tricks to do anything to win. Whereas the closest to a human opponent I've run into(at least in space), from a computer opponent, is the obnoxious Borg Queen Diamond just because it's got all kind of abilities, and uses a lot of them, and is just a pain to grind down. I could run off into all kinds of tangents.............

To circle back, my point is/was that I was trying to understand, and hopefully confirm, my gut telling me stacking Acc yields greater dmg, specifically the Criticals. As opposed to the combinations of CritH and CritD. I understand that the defense thing adds a whole new dimension to the equation. For your run of the mill ISE, is stacking Acc x3 better than any other?

So thank you for taking the time Thissler to write that answer, however if I read what has since been said since the OP, it seems like one would need Acc, just not x3.........maybe.........I dunno maybe it's me........I've read the post a third time, and this is a healthy debate,
PvE is different. You have high buffer HP targets (compared to Player ships) that have fairly low defensive boosts. Thissler is writing about timing a movement debuff (which greatly debuffs defense rating among other things) w/a high Alpha strike to quickly kill a target. In this case, burst is the goal and the time interval is under 5 seconds.

PvE can have targets which require a longer duration to eat through their buffer, some of which don't move at all. For discussions sake lets say it takes 1 minute for these targets under team FF. The targets don't usually have a TT, this means Boff abilities like APB and APD stacking may be better than APO even, since they benefit all shooters. If you're running a premade w/this in mind it would take research I haven't done to figure out if CritH, CritD, Dam, or Acc is most effective.

What's generally being debated is how much of a match a player can count on getting kills from speccing to shooting at a low defensive rating target vs speccing a build to killing a moderate to high defensively rated target. Imo, part of this depends on what the team makeup and faction is being played. KDF can focus more on the debuffed target based on the hit & run playstyle since they can better pick who and when. While a Fed is more along the times of wearing down a target (team) and high Acc helps to always pressure something. Recent passive buffs to resists/repairs have impacted this dynamic, imo for the worse.

Edit: Also, cooldown reductions have had an impact by allowing for shorter durations between spikes and repairs and debuffs. But, that derails this thread even further.

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