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02-20-2013, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
Learn how to play every aspect of the game before asking for any more damn nerfs.
I don't want this game dumbed down anymore than it already has been.
But... but... actually LEARN TO PLAY ??? Well I never... XP

This a thousand times over. I too am rather sick and tired of hearing screams for nerfs. There are obvious imbalances to the game, but the nerf-bat (which probably doesn't even look like a bat anymore due to insane over-usage) really doesn't need to be applied more.

Hence why I proposed in another of these threads to ADJUST as opposed to NERF. There actually is a difference. Change how things work, not outright smack them into nubsauce. For example, instead of just straight nerfing tacs and escorts, why not first undo that heinous crime that was put upon science (I saw footage from season 2 and 3, science was quite incredible...), and then bolster cruisers slightly to be useful in something (not saying buff their damage, but do something to them) and adjust engineer captain abilities and science captain abilities to make them somewhat more on par with tacs IN CURRENT GAMING CONDITIONS (since in a much more PERFECT WORLD they would work wonderfully as they are... but current gaming conditions do not require a CC/drain heavy ship-type or a dedicated tank).

Bleh. Or you can leave things as is and eventually all we'll be seeing are Tacs in Kumaris with the occasional drain sci ship (one of the only viable builds really left) and stubborn DPS/tank cruiser (like me).
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