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02-20-2013, 11:55 AM
and for you trathnona... Given that this is geared towards STF"s, I HAVE to point out that the JEM shields are doing you NO favors. Make sure your positron deflector has [SIF] and [shds] bonuses. If not, get a MK XII blue that does (pretty inexpensive)

You will want to look at a Covariant [CAP]x2 [Pla] or [cap][reg][pla] shileds. As high of a level as you can get. Again perhaps a mk xii blue [cap][pla] would work due to being inexpensive.

I also have to point out that in STF's the tetryons aren't going to do you any favors for a large portion of the time you're shooting at the cubes as theior shields tend to go down quick, but just hull tank forever. They will also do you no favors against the generator, gate or transformers. I also find it hard to recommend single energy types anymore unless they're fleet weapons of borg weapons considering the dual-proc energy types available now. There is also the polarized tetryon DC's that give you a 10% proc chance rather than standard 2.5% for all other weapons. (That's what you'll want if you really want to destroy shields).

However the energy weapon type is the least of your worries. Get some shields/deflector to protect you, make sure to use monotanium/electroceramic hull plating combo (2x neutronium essentially does the same thing but is more expensive)

I wouldn't worry about the torps for now, as you can get some sweet torps from the reputation stuff.