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# 1 Can?t upload Foundry Missions!
02-20-2013, 12:54 PM
I tried to upload my new foundry mission, but it won?t work.
I am a lifetime Member, and I upload foundry Mission since they exist.
When I upload the Mission, I get an Email:
Your Foundry project XXX (ST-XXXXXXX) was successfully published.
Publish duration (minutes): 3
Time queued (minutes): 0

Why is it not in the game.
A friend od mine tried to upload a testmission, calling it only test, with nothing to do, but hitting a console on earth spacedock. For him it worked.

My Mission took my 4 days to create, but I can?t upload any of my missions.

I am very frustrated about that. 4 days work for nothing
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