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Originally Posted by eraserfish View Post
sry for the snip eraser, but your post was really long and I don't want to clutter up the thread.

Originally Posted by melisande77 View Post
Currently I am running a 7 Tetryon beam array, Wide Angel torp in the fore, with my boffs being

Lieutenant Uni: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2

Lt. Cmnd Tac: Tac Team 1, Fire at Will 2, Attack Pattern Omega 1

Ensign Tac: High Yield Torpedo

Com Engi: Emergency to Shields 1, Directed Energy Mod 1, Emergency to Weapons 3, Auxilary to Structural 3

Lt. Engi: Emergency to Shields 1, Emergency to Weapons 2

Is there anything I can do to improve what I have going on? Ala changing from Beam Arrays to Banks or Cannons? Or changing around my Boff slots? Or even changing energy types? Basically whatever I can to preserve the feeling of being a really awesome battleship, escorts just felt weird to play; either seeming like a fighter or just sitting still.
Oooook. Well I have flown this ship myself, and the Regent is quite a beaut is she not? That being said, now for the pointers:
As Tac and Sci go, as eraser said, you're fine.

However as Engineering goes... well... um... sufficed to say, if a regular cube looks at you the wrong way on elite, you're boned. And if a gateway or tac cube decides you're a deadship, there is nothing you can do. You WILL get shafted. HARD. Eraser gave you a decent build, but here's an alternate, I use it on my FACR, and it works quite well:

Cmdr Engineering: ET1, EPtW2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Engineering: EPtS1, EPtW2

However in my defense, I have two purple Conn Officers (TT reducing ones), and I also have two purple Damage Control Engineer DOffs and a purple Warp Core Engineer DOff. Means I can cycle just one copy of TT1, and makes my EPtS1 quite potent and my EPtW2 just as nasty. Also gives me the possibility to constantly cycle EPtS3 (which when my WCE procs is just stupid). The EPtS1 is just a backup in case my DOffs don't proc. If you have enough leftover power in Aux, the HE1 and Aux2SIF will be enough to keep your hull mostly intact, with an ET1 as a just in case.

As your shields go though, the TSS and EPtS3 should be more than enough to keep your shields up. And if you're an engi, you do have RSF which majorly buffs your shields for a short period of time, and MW as your "OH @#$%" button. All 4 facings pretty much instantly restored and a nice hull heal.

However if you aren't an engineer, I would use this build:

Cmdr Engi: ET1, EPtS2, RSP2, Aux2SIF3
Lt Engi: EPtS1, EPtW2

Gives you a weaker version of the above build, but you can always beg some engi captain to train EPtS3 for you if it's too weak XD.

Oh, and as a last pointer, ditch tetryon, unless you are specced into flow capacitors, it's mostly useless... actually for that matter even if you are specced into flow capacitors, it's still pretty useless. I would recommend a switch to disruptors or polaron. Disruptors since the breach (I.E. resistance debuff) is VERY nice, and polaron because that -25 power to all subsystems is quite cruel. OR you can go polarized disruptor, lose a bonus, but get both procs available (which I run on my chel'gret, and get a HUGE laugh when both proc on a target and it just melts...).
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