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I just parked my fleet K't'inga refit (sniff, what a lovely lovely ship) and picked up the Fleet Tor'Khat battlecruiser (I hate the tor'khat skin...ewww..fortunatly that can be changed) ((note..Tor'Khat availible from a tier 2 ship yard!!!!)) (((fleet Kamarag availible from atier 3 yard)))

so I got my self a 10 console battle cruiser, with a base turn mode of 10, lots and lots of hull points, cloaks, can mount dual cannon, and utterly crap loads of power, and sports Lt. Commander TAC slot, and a Lt universal slot...

So, lets see... its big, manuverable, packs a punch, versitile, has very heavy shielding, and I'm supposed to be worried about some fed in a Kumari varient? I don't even PvP that much and I 'll be able to kill even a well handled one without to much difficulty.

As some one mentioned.. oh so close to a BOP, but.... not quite...nope, not quite.

We have ships to buy.

But just not directly from the Z-store. You just need to be in a fleet with a tier 3 ship yard to get pretty much all of them. Get your fleet ship modules, and have fun. And some ships don't require the modules if you've allready got a Z-store ship purchased. (the one BOP is discounted if you bought the tactical Bortas or the Bortas pack, and for that matter the base Bortas if you didn't get it originally in the 2nd anniversery mission)

(I think a couple ships require the tier 5 ship yard but I forget which on KDF side)

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