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02-20-2013, 01:15 PM
So for the 2500 post I'd like to talk about Stahl's statement that Small Fleets should go whistle...

I find the policy they have about small groups to be a total anathema to MMORPG gaming.

MMORPG's are about communities in game of players who are friends who work together.

Most if not all of us who are actually interested in the social aspect of MMO's don't want to be in a Mega fleet where we are a faceless unit amongst hundreds.

So much of enjoyment in any MMO and especially one as unbalanced and over grindy as this is the fun you can have with a group of friends playing teamwork based missions. This is why small fleets, communities of friends are so integral to keeping the game enjoyable especially when we have so many other issues. The discrimination against small fleets is actually a terrible idea if anything they should be promoting smaller fleets with tighter-knit friendly communities.

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