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02-20-2013, 01:44 PM
This is one for the ages. KASE. This is from the ESTF channel. I go in, and it looks pretty good. We have myself, an Engi in an Imperial. There is a tac in a bug, and another Engi in the freebie advanced escort. We also have another tac in an Ambassador-R, and a KDF tac in a Mirror Raptor.

However we start off the mission (I am on probe duty, mostly cuz engi cruisers aren't a heck of a lot of good for much else in KASE), and I go in guns blazing ballz deep on the tac cube like an idiot. However this is where I start to get worried. I take aggro on the tac cube. The rest of the team moves in. I still have aggro. The bug and Advanced Escort engage. I still have aggro. The mirror raptor engages. I STILL have aggro. The Ambassador goes in. And I STILL have aggro. The fact I had aggro really didn't bother meas surviving goes, the Imperial is a tough ship. What bothered me was the fact I was holding aggro from all 4 of my allies without any points in threat control and with no threat boosting consoles. Um... ooook.

So tac cube goes down in about 2 minutes, and we move off to our respective duties. I sit and blow probes testing out different ability combos and orders to see which is the most efficient (I only just got the thing two weeks ago, and have only been on my engi 4 times since, give me a break -.-). After hitting my desired rhythm for probe swatting, I sit back and watch the rest of the team. We have a very bored mirror raptor sitting on the other side doing probes, while the bug does it's usual swoop around looking useless while actually being quite deadly. They start to clear their side with disturbing speed and efficiency.

Then I notice something somewhat distressing. Two of my team-mates are dead. The Ambassador and Freebie Prometheus. I look over to see if they got gate-swatted... and all I see is a cube. A REGULAR cube. It then proceeds to kill the freebie escort AGAIN, and then the Ambassador... AGAIN... and again... and again... that cube picked up a good 5 or 6 kills... I was starting to laugh it was so ridiculous. 4 waves of probes later, the cube was FINALLY dead. I look back over at the other side, and just start laughing, because in the time it took for my side to kill that one cube, the other side cleared out a transformer and two cubes. And just as I turned back to watch the hilarity on my side (less than 10 seconds after looking over), the second transformer went down.

Meanwhile back on my side, I blow the second generator and and the cube spawns. I am out of it's aggro range and start having a staring contest with it at 11.1 km. I notice another probe spawned which meant they FINALLY killed the transformer. The Ambassador and prometheus then fly 30 km, yes, 30 behind the gate and cube, and then swoop in on it. They start to attack it. It kills the Ambassador and the prometheus with frightening speed (as in I have no idea how they died so bloody fast), and then attacks me. At this point, I am fed up with those idiots, and proceed to exterminate said cube in roughly 2 minutes (in my defense, I am in a cruiser, and not running and Aux2bat build, also I had to keep on killing probes). Those two came back and helped, and could not draw aggro off of me which was fine, meant they wouldn't be dying. Cube goes down and they start on the transformer.

I on the other hand am busy with the spawn that just arrived (other side blew their gate already) and distract it long enough for the two actual REAL hitters to arrive and they basically insta-gib the transformer and help me out with the sphere and probe spawns. Then all 5 of us focus fire the gate. That poor gate... it went down literally in seconds. Turns out that if nothing is actually shooting at them, those two who spent most of the time dead can actually deal decent damage. I managed to hold aggro for most of it's very short life-span (something about hitting APO1, BFAW2, and TS1 and then going to 2 km), and gate goes boom, probes get slapped, and then on to Donatra.

And here is where it gets interesting. I grab aggro from Donatra, and hold it. Even when the rest of the team engages, she just won't let me go. She keeps on coming on to me, and I say no, but apparently no isn't in her vocabulary and she keeps on coming. Eventually she cloaks, and I get crap from the bug about staying 5km away. My response: her engine power is at 125 almost constantly, and I am flying a bloody cruiser. You really expect me to be able to outrun her? Bug shuts up. Donatra de-cloaks and thalarons off in some random direction. Then turns back to me and the dance of death begins again. Still holding aggro, she closes to 4km and cloaks again. At this point in time her shields are mostly down and her hull is around 50%.

Here is where I felt like uninstalling. She decloaks and starts a thalaron blast. And I fly into it. I actually orbit into her charge lines. Didn't realize it until the very last second, hit EM3... and take 102458 damage. However, the Ambassador also gets popped by it. First thought: Wow... did I really just do that. Second thought: LOL SHE GOT SOMEONE ELSE! Third thought: I think I need to uninstall, that was really bad XD. Then it just gets funny, since she turns on the freebie prometheus and just exterminates it. As in he was getting shot at for less than a second and went down. She double torp spreads the Mirror raptor, which survives and gets the hell out of dodge. I respawn and re-engage still burning bright red with embarrassment at having flown INTO a thalaron, and at this point, myself and the bug pony for aggro. She goes down about 15 seconds later under the combined fire of my disruptors and his polarons.

End of the match, I just laugh, partially at the sheer number of injuries on the freebie escort (which started the match with NONE), and at the fail of the Ambassador. The bug and I exchange pleasantries for a few minutes and then he leaves. I am still waiting on crew and CDs so I hang around. The Ambassador is still BMWing about his supposed "bull-crap death", and I politely ask him what he is running, and after he tells me, I die of laughter and leave.

So yeah... moral of this story: watch where you fly, and always be ready to carry noobs, even from the ESTF channels.
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