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02-20-2013, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by melisande77 View Post
On the Tetryon I kind of run it because I like the color of the beam, though I also happened to find a very rare MK XII beam, and then subsequently picked up two fleet versions. I understand Disruptors are really good, just kinda the thought of a Fed ship using them.

I am probably going to swap my HY1 for another Tac Team, at least until I get some of those Conn Officers. And probably going to end up swapping the DEM for RSP, if it is as useless as everyone says. And I am an Engineer myself, I love my Rotate Shield Polarity.

Ending up with Say EPtS1 x2, EPtW2 x2, RSP2, AtSIF3
Well just going to say right now my FACR runs full disruptors. And green is awesome.

Secondly, the swap for TT is fine.

However you really should reconsider your Eng slots. EPtS1 isn't going to be enough to stop a very pissed off cube or gate, not in a cruiser. If you're an engi, and you have that LtCmdr slot available, you really should be slotting an EPtS3 there, or an EPtW3. If you absolutely MUST use a RSP, then use the level 1 version, it works fine. But since you are an engi, just use RSF. It works just as well and doesn't use an an engi slot. And that ET1 really is useful. It can clear any VM, and can also heal other players. Which is why we suggested it in the first place.

But if you want to go with that, it's your ship, your build, and I wish you the best of luck with it.
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