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02-20-2013, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by cehus View Post
It would be nice if you left it to the fleets what was visible and what wasn't.
I second this...

2nd point was not acknowledged about bringing in-game mail back to the gateway so we can check our in-game mail box while we are away from the game. Being able to respond as well in that system. Having a "sent" box would be a plus both on the gateway and in-game.

3rd point: Can we get the ability to search by "@handle" or see a list of all un-hidden characters that are tied to the same account when we visit a single toon's gateway profile? For example, you visit John@DoeRayMe's gateway profile. There is a link to "other characters" by this member. Or even more simply, where "character@handle" shows in the in url, a way to change that (just like fleets) to "@handle" only.

BTW, AWESOME JOB on the gateway so far. I really like it. Clean, useful and fun...

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